Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Neighbor's Daughter Saw Me Naked

I didn't mean for it to happen. Our apartment complex is a pretty quiet place, set away from the traffic of the street. I get a little careless sometimes and assume that even if the curtains are agape, no one will happen to walk by and see the goings-on inside (me sitting on the sofa reading a magazine, Joe cutting strips of colored tape at the desk, me standing over the stove with an Aunt Jemimah rag in my hair).

There's also a little nudity, none of it racy. Some of the nudity has to do with grabbing clean towels from the hall closet, stuff liek that. Sometimes I stand around naked and do goofy dances to make Joe mad, which is funny. I was about ready to do this when our neighbor's daughter walkeed by and saw me head (and tits and etc.)-on. Our eyes locked for a second, but she walked on and out of sight, vanishing before I was able to register her reaction.

Her name is Nicloe, I think, and she' s about 14. Cute boys and lots of hyper girls stop by every now and then. Out of all the other people in our complex, I'd rather have her see me naked. But I bet she was creeped out, creeped out like a 14-year-old girl would be. I bet she thinks I'm gross. I mean, no one has to look inside our open windows--but justy try walking by an open window and not looking in! I always look in. I'm a big nosy snoop like that. Looking in is the best. But every now and then, you get some skin that you didn't bargain for.

Maff and Vic have been having it out on my blog. That's fine with me. In fact, I'd like to thank all 7 or 5 people who visit this blog. Thank you! You comments make Sneezy & Tacky worth reading.


Blogger JVR said...

I think is great. Two see nekked is surely good. I returb to yr blog, yes, maybe you no walk round naekked no mores. I yi maybe be carefool nest teme. Chillkin like Villking.
Sound like someone we know??

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Danny said...

that was not polite. i thought that we had buried the hatchet. My english is not as good as yours. Sorry. I can speak english and russian you in california probably can't even speak spanish. i read papers. know about prop 187 and your govenor wilsomn/ Racist state full of marguana smokers and surfers. you are fag.

10:57 AM  
Blogger JVR said...

I thought you quit readin' this? Ah well, so be it.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous MAFF said...

i wanted to think that. i knioe you talk anbout me when i am not readong. This proves me right. you are not nice.

6:31 PM  
Blogger hello! is it me you're looking for? said...

i guess maff missed my response to his comment on your 'gemini auto care/customer feedback' post.

anyway, i now have an addendum to that: there's nothing hotter than the combined force of racism, bad spelling, + *hypocrisy*. CA = racist state? must be tough, with all those "cjinks" in it, huh.

oh yeah, homophobia is also extra extra hot. keep it coming, baby, keep it coming.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous maff said...

now you are just being roode califiorniam. how you like haveig bad bad actor with nazi background as govenor. we laff all the time and makle fu m of your state and it's "liberal" mariguana laws and how you let illegals have drivers card. here if you are not citizen then you should ho the fuck home. or whore yourself out to makje enough money to buy electric car that you acnt have in californiaa. you are loser again ass.

9:13 AM  
Blogger hello! is it me you're looking for? said...

hi maff,

in case you didn't notice, i am actually a different person, not vic. and i also do not live in california. but i think you nazis are really hot.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Maff said...

am on to you, are same person as vic. Can't fuel me. California? Are you girl? Maybe you let me come and be at your bachelor pad? I amd cool handsome guy.
Ypu are probably like california hippy chik with hairy armpit. by the ay in georgia we were heald in captivity by nazi in war so it is not funyy yo day that we side with them.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I speak Spanish, Spanglish, Spannel, Spinoy, Spanoo, Spanoche, Spangale, and Spantech. Many languages running rampant in my lumpy head.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous MAFF said...

anonymous? Does that meen yyou don't have name?? Or ytou forge4t it/ maybe FUCK. i don
t want to do this anymoe i resign as top poster here. You can all fuck yourselfs silly

5:08 PM  

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